Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco is the largest compressor manufacturer in the world. Competition has increased greatly, especially in recent years. The high proportion of purchasing in our operations means that our competitive strength is largely determined by our suppliers. Purchasing revolves around QLTC, or quality, logistics, total cost and technology. The constant challenge we face every day is finding the right suppliers with the highest scores on these four variables, and then monitoring and refining their performance. Atlas Copco has many hundreds of people worldwide who work in accordance with our supply management philosophy. It is vital to convey this philosophy, which is one of the keys to our success in the market, rapidly and thoroughly to new employees.

Solvint has been our preferred supplier of several essential training courses for some considerable time. ‘Proactive negotiation from A to Z’ is an intensive do-course given by an experienced professional, with intensive interaction between the participants, personal coaching and comprehensive feedback. As the name suggests, this is an all-embracing course that devotes ample attention to both the theoretical and practical aspects of negotiating. A useful point is that everyone is given a complete toolbox on CD-ROM, which provides step-by-step negotiating support in practice. Solvint also provides our ‘Basic purchasing and supply management’ course. This course gives our people all the knowledge, tools and tips they need for a successful career in supply management and purchasing. Solvint also recently started the ‘Advanced purchasing management’ course, which is for our managers and experienced purchasing and supply management experts. Among the subjects covered are value sourcing, governance, cost management, supplier relationship management and purchasing marketing. All Solvint’s training courses are customized for us, and include case studies drawn from Atlas Copco supply management practice.

Every course is followed by a thorough evaluation and the feedback is incorporated immediately in the next session. We now work together so smoothly that we can justifiably speak of an extremely successful alliance.