USG People Belgium

USG People is one of the largest human resources service providers in Europe. We operate in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, France, Italy and Spain. Our company’s multi-brand strategy includes Start People, Secretary Plus and Unique. We have combined supporting services for reasons of efficiency. We wanted to have combined purchasing too, but that proved very hard to achieve. Practically all our purchasing can be classified as non-product-related.

Centralization was hampered by the extremely heterogeneous purchasing portfolio and the variety of wishes and needs that have to be accommodated. The recession increased the need for centralization. USG People Belgium wanted maximum purchasing economies in order to avoid having to lay people off. Solvint helped us centralize our purchasing with their expertise and approach. A purchasing plan with a range of both short and long-term saving opportunities was drawn up on the basis of a thorough spend analysis. Many quick wins have already resulted in substantial savings. It was also possible to relieve the burden on several departments in the Transactions & Support Shared Service Centre by reducing the number of suppliers and the volume of purchase invoices. Reviewing the situation so far, I have come to know Solvint as a result-oriented and transparent bureau.

Needless to say, we initially selected them to help produce savings, but they also scrutinized our processes, and the quality and implementability of contracts. The most important result, thanks to how well the Solvint interim manager cooperates with my internal customers, is that they have demonstrated that central purchasing can reduce expense without sacrificing quality. Solvint delivers value for money. And because purchasing at USG People supports the primary process, the resulting savings and the more favourable contracts are particularly valuable to us: money is value.