The merger of FrieslandFoods and Campina in 2009 created one of the largest dairy businesses in the world. As Chief Procurement Officer I am responsible for all product-related and non-product-related purchasing, with the exception of the milk. The purchasing package is broad, ranging from packaging to raw materials, and from temporary employees to occupational health and safety services. The greatest challenge for me is to gain, and to maintain, a grip on the spend. The main focus is on the non-product-related spend. I have accordingly centralized procurement at FrieslandCampina by introducing a matrix organization with category purchasing, oriented to maximum leverage and merger synergy, on the one hand, and business purchasing on the other.

My previous position as Purchasing Director at Campina involved introducing Solvint’s web-based e-sourcing tool TENCORA (‘Tendering, Negotiating, Contracting and Rating’) to streamline the sourcing process. I was very satisfied with the performance. When we merged with FrieslandFoods we introduced TENCORA throughout the company. Not only is it a particularly complete instrument, it also excels in clarity and simplicity. These qualities are attributable to it being developed by buyers with practical knowledge. The ease with which we were able to roll out this e-sourcing tool in all the countries in which FrieslandCampina operates, without needing a manual the size of an encyclopaedia, speaks volumes. A unique point is the request for value, which allows us to focus sharply on a potential supplier’s added value even before the request for quotation. A TENCORA module for supplier rating that we and Solvint jointly developed is now being applied with success. This solution means that FrieslandCampina now has a single, uniform and transparent e-sourcing-process, enabling substantial savings and higher service levels in purchasing. It comes as no surprise that the longer we work with TENCORA, the more we discover we are able to purchase with it.

Solvint for me is not so much a consultancy, but a hands-on supply management specialist that has delivered money in the pocket.